Silence is Not Golden, But Red and Silver – (King’s Cage – A Book Review)

King’s Cage (Red Queen #3)
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Published: 2017

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Scarlet Reader

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Rated S for the searing pain only the love of a Silver can cause, though war divides many hearts


All Will Burn

Mare Barrow is a prisoner of the King of Norta, Maven. More so, she’s powerless. No lightning and no escape. In chains, she’s once again put on display, but not as a princess like before. She’s put on display as the new blood that is forced to betray the Scarlet Guard, the people she loves, and herself. Many times, she tries to break free. It’s the silent stone shackles around her wrists and ankles that keeps her powers locked up. She refuses to let it or Maven break her.

The Scarlet Guard isn’t hiding any longer. They’re ready for war. The tension between everyone might stop it before it gets started however. The exiled prince, Cal is lost without her and will do anything to get her back. Even destroy his brother and anything else in his path.

Reds turn on Reds. Silvers turn on Silvers. Brother turns on brother.


I’m still a damn mess over Shade. It’s ugly ya’ll. And every time he was brought up…

Scarlet Reader

Now, Mare is locked up and I can’t even handle that. She gave herself up! Just as I worried she may turn into a monster, she fell into a helpless heap. Well, not helpless. But, I couldn’t help her. I wanted to jump into the book and help her so badly. So much hurt and heartbreak.

I actually had to wait to start this book because my emotions were all over the place. Just so much hurt. So much loss. And this loss is strangely different for me than it is in other books. While reading this series, I’ve gotten such an in-depth look into Mare’s life and seen how much things matter for her. It’s such a close perspective and every bit that she’s ripped into rips into me.

The war isn’t just talk now. It’s happening. Nobody is safe. Not a single person. There were so many times I gasped aloud as I read, and forget my nails. They got chomped right off. From an assassination attempt to torture, this was dark. However, there were unique alliances made that really surprised the feck out of me. Many more unexpected twists turned like a blade in me, instilling in me that everything is not always as it seems with anyone.

When Mare and Cal finally did reunite, it was like finally getting able to breathe until it wasn’t. And I totally caught that Grey’s Anatomy moment and it shattered me. The two of them sure are cute though. Dance in the rain cute.

Scarlet Reader

However, this drama-llama she’s got between both brothers is done. I’m not heeding it. Not one bit. I’m not here for a triangle. I’m here for the lightning girl. She cares about both of them and in a way, I can see why. But, I can’t focus on them because I’m focused on my girl, here. I can’t be bothered by dream fictional guys this time.

Scarlet Reader

For some light, happiness, a spot of blue sky—more new bloods and some are like Mare! Oh, to know she didn’t have to feel utterly alone was so beautiful. It’s so exciting! And the imagery! *whistles* YASSSSS.

Hell, the whole reunion for Mare and her family—everyone—was just sending my heart soaring.

I really can’t find a fault in this installation of the series. It was gorgeous and chilling!. I latched on and still haven’t let go. Powerful imagery. Such well thought out plot points. Aveyard really didn’t rush things and I LOVE it when that happens. There’s no reason to rush things all the time. Look at everything along the way. Aveyard didn’t just look though. She dragged my butt right through the mud. Lol.



This series keeps getting more powerful with every book and War Storm is the final book. Not ready for it at all. Glad to wait for it to release to paperback. Completely A-okay with it.  However, I’m so unbelievably nervous. This is like coming up on the final season of Game of Thrones. While many people already know since War Storm is out, I don’t know. LOL. Anyway, I just get that churning feeling that a lot of people aren’t going to make, one of them being Mare. And after she’s developed so much in this book, that makes me so sad.



“It’s cruel to give hope where none should be.” (Mare, p. 18)

“Until we meet again.” (Mare, p. 39)

“Gods do not ally with insects, but they can be infected by them.” (Evangeline, p. 142)

“Control takes more practice than brute force.” (Cameron, p. 155)

“Those who know what it’s like in the dark will do anything to stay in the light.” (Maven, p. 279)

“Monsters are so easily made, especially in people like us…” (Mare to Cameron, p. 416)

“Love is not a word we use. We feel it, we mean it, but we don’t say it. it feels so final, a declaration from which there is no easy return.” (Mare, p. 437)

“Choose me. Choose the dawn.” (p. 503)


More to come soon…



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