Dorothy Must Die, The Series – A Review

Dorothy Must Die Series

Author: Danielle Paige


New Year’s Resolution: 2019

This year I’m taking on the challenge to read five book series I haven’t read yet but are on my TBR list. The first one to be completed is the Dorothy Must Die series. It consists of four main novels and several novellas. I stuck to the main story with the four books. I’m thinking about reading the novellas. I’m not certain I want to, but if I feel froggy enough so I’ll be reading them much later.

Scarlet Reader
The Scarlet Reader

Amy Gumm Lands in Oz after a tornado wipes out her trailer park. Suddenly, she’s given the mission to assassinate Dorothy. Oz has become a twisted place since Dorothy has come to Oz. Can Amy fix it? With the help of the Order of the Wicked and other unexpected allies, she hopes so.



The Scarlet Reader

Dorothy Must Die

Review: here

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting with this series. Twisted tales are my typical jam. An acquaintance of mine told me, “Dorothy’s the bad guy and she dresses like a hooker.”. LOL. So, Dorothy being the big bad of the story and Oz being turned upside down really garnered my attention.


Scarlet Reader

The Wicked Will Rise

Review: here

So, the plan to assassinate Dorothy failed and I wanted to see what would happen next. It’s in this book that there’s more of Oz revealed. It’s quite a spacious land. Wingless monkeys, a rainbow cathedral, and an island of lost things. The journey to eliminate Dorothy just got a little longer.


Scarlet Reader
Harper Collins

Yellow Brick War

Review: here

After the cliffhanger of The Wicked Will Rise, I couldn’t not read the next installment. Emotions were running sky-high. I needed more Amy and Nox. The chemistry between is so nice. But they’re also super stuck! Nothing worse and more enticing than forbidden love. That and Dorothy was really taking this war to new heights.


Scarlet Reader

The End of Oz

Review: here

I found this addition and conclusion to the series to show another side of the land of Oz in an even more interesting and horrifying light quite intriguing. The story could’ve ended with the last book, The Yellow Brick War, in a way, but this allowed for something fresh to happen.


My favorite book of the series is the third one because it was a major game changer to the series. That being said, my least favorite book was the second one. It fell short of what I was expecting and drawn out a bit too.

Overall, I’m glad I read this series. It’s not one that got my emotions in a wrenching knot or struck me with the desperate need to finish them because they’re so good. They were enjoyable and fun and, in some moments, a riot. They certainly weren’t a waste of time. Not at all. They just didn’t hit that peak for me. I do recommend the series if you love a good twist on tales and the complicated romance scene. The action was pretty great too! I was plenty surprised! Just a really decent story. I guess the reason it doesn’t hit the favorite shelf is that it just didn’t suck me in. It happens.

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