Wicked Comes to Kansas (Yellow Brick War – A Book Review)

Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die #3)
Author: Danielle Paige
Published: 2016

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Harper Collins

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Rated S for stranded wicked witches in Kansas that are ultimately screwed.


Home was nowhere now…(p. 1)

Amy’s back in Kansas, unfortunately. And she’s not alone. Nox, Glamora, Mombi, and Gert are stranded in the flat, dusty state too. The only way to get back to Oz and to the war breaking out there is to find Dorothy’s original shoes. Yes, the silver ones.

To get them, Amy has to do the unthinkable. She has to go back to high school. So much has changed since she disappeared to Oz. Her mom is sober. Her enemy at school suddenly wants to be best friends. A tornado sweeping through Dusty Acres might just be the best thing too ever happen.

Amy must stick to her mission. She must kill Dorothy. Many have died because of her failures. When she returns to Oz, she won’t fail. She can’t.


The Dorothy Must Die series is one of the series on my New Year’s resolution and this is book 3 of 4


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So much cool went down in this book. Right as I was beginning to wonder what was happening back in Kansas, POOF, Amy gets a quick trip home! While totally cringe-y, it was also engrossing! While magic is risky and is working to twist Amy into something dangerous, in Kansas she’s got nada in the magic department.

Scarlet Reader

And if it’s not one pain in the ass then it’s another. And this time, it’s another and it’s in Kansas. Who knew, right? But, without magic, can Amy stop it? Well, I can’t spoil that. But there’s so much tension and so much happening in this book! Feelings. Old enemies. Old friends. Broken hearts. Unexpected reunions. BATTLE!

This book didn’t wait to break my heart, not a single second wasted. Amy, and not just her, really got put through the wringer. I’ve really caught on to Paige loving to rip into the pain first and then keeping the sting of it alive throughout the story, and she does very well with it. My heart just kept falling

Side Note: This book really highlighted just how bad of a liar Amy is. It’s hilarious.

Scarlet Reader

The scenery is ever-changing. Really wicked too. I was as surprised and stunned as Amy with everything. It was like being in The Twilight Zone in Kansas AND Oz. “Is this really happening?” kept flitting through my brain as I read. Also, the further the book got the more horrifying it grew. I keep thinking this can’t get more grotesque but damn if it didn’t. I couldn’t feel worse for Toto especially. I mean, the little yapper is evil, but he got a nasty fate that no animal deserves.



The mission is getting darker and darker by the page. I’m always so taken with the action! Amy is such a fighter and a sassy one at that. It never ceases to impress me. Really. The young woman is a fighter and I’m here for it! She’s Oz’s vampire slayer and Dorothy is the apocalypse…little Buffy analogy there. Totally well placed in my opinion.



“If you want to help us get back too Oz, you have to go back to high school.” (Gert to Amy, p. 18)

“The world I grew up in is gone, too. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on it. Because if you give up—then what is there left to live for?” (Amy to Nox, p. 141)


More to come soon…



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