Pressing Buttons (Gwendy’s Button Box – A Book Review)

Gwendy’s Button Box
Author: Stephen King & Richard Chizmar
Published: 2017

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Scarlet Reader

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Rated S for subtle mystery and the bittersweet nobody expects in life.


“Take care of the box. It gives gifts, but they’re small recompense for the responsibility.”

It’s 1974. It was a bright and sunny day in Castle Rock, Maine when twelve-year-old Gwendy Peterson met a strange man on a bench. He gives her a box with special buttons and levers, promising that it holds gifts for her. He doesn’t divulge how long she is meant to hold on to it. Just that she takes care of it. Protecting the box changes her life in unbelievable ways.


Gwendy is given something remarkable and powerful. A box with buttons on it that if she presses make things happen. Or do they? It’s actually quite mysterious. The box, an unnoticeable thing, except to her, yet it has such a massive presence and effect on everyone around, and including, Gwendy. A real Pandora’s Box feel.

This was such a bittersweet read. It has that haunting veil hanging over it. It’s incredible. Not a top read for me, but a delightful one. I’m glad I read it. Also, the cover art is GORGEOUS and a perfect look into the important parts of the novella. It reminds a bit of Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block. Not the horrifying part, but the stairs.

Scarlet Reader
Tampa Bay

Real and raw, this novella shows the true test of humanity and our ability to resist temptation and handle power. The characters were incredibly beautiful and scary. It’s such an oxymoronic pair, but so true. I really admired how they were written. So basic, yet I got attached to them pretty quick.

There was magic that was indescribable. It wasn’t as I’ve read in the many paranormal books I’ve consumed over the years, and there’s quite a few. LOL. It was surreal, almost as if there wasn’t magic at all because I wasn’t sure that some parts involved actual magic. If it wasn’t just humanity inevitably doing what humanity does. But then, I was really wanting to see something big happen!

Scarlet Reader



I think this a great read. I’ll have to look into other Castle Rock novels now. More to add to my reading list!! LOL. Certainly, a story that will pull at the heartstrings a little. I enjoyed the comical bits and especially the way it wasn’t over the top. Completely natural. And all in a one-day read. Hell, not even a full twenty-four hours. A two-four hour read, if you’re like me and enjoy taking your time.



“Stashed away in this world of ours, are great arsenals of weapons that could destroy all life on this planet for a million years.” (Farris to Gwendy, p, 23)

“Gwendy has a thought: secrets are a problem. They weigh on the mind and take up space in the world.” (Gwendy, p. 30)

“It’s wetter than a taco fart down there and just as smelly.” (Mr. Peterson to Gwendy, p. 83)


More to come soon…



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