Scarlet Playlist – April 1, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Book clan! 

Happy Monday. Annnnnd…April Fools! Man, who would’ve thought there’d bee a day dedicated to pulling pranks. All in all, it’s quite delightful. It’s good to have a day of fun. I think so anyway.

So, here’s the playlist of the week. Read to it. Write to it. Dance, hum, or drive to it. Hell, pull epic pranks to it…if you can. Whatever you want, except robbing banks to it. You cannot rob banks to this playlist. Not. Allowed.

Be Like That – 3 Doors Down

All For You – Sister Hazel

Change Your Mind – Sister Hazel

Miss You – Nickelback

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

Gone – Kelly Clarkson

Come Home – OneRepublic

Over My Head (Cable Car) – The Fray

Wherever You Will Go – The Calling

Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script

Rain – Creed

Feels Like Tonight – Daughtry


More to come soon…



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Thoughts? Have a favorite song? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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