Sundown Rundown – March 2019

Hello, Booklovers,

The end of March is nigh.

The sun is setting and might I say (and probably for the millionth time) that I’m so GLAD that the sun is out longer. I’ve missed it.

March was such a great month for reading. I got a lot done. See for yourself, and maybe even catch up on any reviews you might’ve missed.


Scarlet Reader


Author: Lauren DeStefano

Family reunions are all they’re cracked up to be and they may leave you dazed, confused, and feeling slightly betrayed, especially if you went through hell to get them back.


Scarlet Reader


Author: Michael Buckley

A warrior race comes out of the ocean, but what chased them to the Coney Island shores is more dangerous. Getting yourself tangled up in with the prince of said warrior race does not help anybody, especially yourself, but why not? The passive aggressive, moody-broody your type? This one is for you.


Scarlet Reader

The Drawing of Three

Author: Stephen King

Roland, the gunslinger, continues his journey toward the Tower, but now he finds two more companions to tag along. This rag-tag adventure grows darker by the page, but you just can’t look away.


Scarlet Reader
The Hollywood Reporter

Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Born with deadly abilities that’ll get Mare Barrow killed, but very well keep her alive too. With nobody to trust, she’ll have to be careful with every step because it could be her last.


Scarlet Reader

Glass Sword

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Surviving execution, Mare Barrow is on the run in the midst of a revolution that’ll threaten to take everything she has from her, including herself.


Scarlet Reader

Five Feet Apart

Author: Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis

Stella has always had a set path to getting a brand new set of lungs. Will could care less. When he’s eighteen he’s free. When they meet it all goes out the window and that six feet is hard to keep. So she’ll take one foot back and make it five.


The Scarlet Reader

Dorothy Must Die

Author: Danielle Paige

Amy Gumm didn’t ask to come to OZ. Didn’t ask to be the unconventional hero and possible villain. Yet, here she is. Now she’s tasked with destroying the one responsible for so much pain, torture, and destruction to Oz. She’s tasked with killing Dorothy. Yes, that Dorothy. Nope, not a lie. That Dorothy.


Feeling pretty accomplished. Got some good ones in! Keep on the lookout for the Midnight Tease. It’ll be coming your way soon.


More to come soon…



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