Through the Door of Their Minds (The Drawing of Three – A Book Review)

The Drawing of Three (The Dark Tower #2)
Author: Stephen King
Published: 1990

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Scarlet Reader

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Rated N for nightmarish, carnivorous lobstrosities with a hankering for human meat and psychotic mind-breaks that’ll leave you wondering if someone slipped you acid.


Three. This is the number of your fate.

Roland now follows the path that the Man in Black has set him on, knowing it will get him closer to the Tower. But is the deadly cost worth it? Dodging strange, monstrous crustaceans, the gunslinger follows his path, ready to draw three, as he’s been told he would.

Discovering mysterious doorways out on the beach wasteland, he enters America, as we know it. But he comes through those doorways through defiant Eddie Dean and smart Odetta Holmes. Joining together, they make their way through dangerous struggles and treacherous evils, unveiling that they need one another…for now.

They are getting closer to the Tower.


The Dark Tower series is one of the series on my New Year’s resolution and this is book 2 of 7 (technically 8, but I’m not including The Wind Through the Keyhole, though I will be reading it.)


This book was intense! Still a little drawn out, but those lobster creature-things were creepy! I also kept wondering what the hell they kept saying and if they were saying anything at all. They are vicious for sure. Fingers getting bitten off type of vicious.

Scarlet Reader

I’m still reeling at what happened to Jake and crossing my fingers that Roland will cross paths with him again someday. The new additions, Eddie and Odetta, are a handful! Eddie is a heroin addict while Odetta is legless while also schizophrenic with an alternate personality. Totally wild and also puts a kink in Roland’s mission. I really liked the dynamic though. These two are given an opportunity to do something of higher power, like a calling.

While the story pretty much stands still in its setting of apocalyptic beach, so much is happening. King is fantastic at standing still, but making sure the reader sees the whole picture, while also getting into their heads with boundary-breaking stuff. Yep, stuff. The intricate, following a string to see where it goes stuff.



Now I’m invested. After the craziness and unexpected drops, I couldn’t put this book down. This series is still a mind-bending trip that let me wondering if I was on drugs or not. I imagine the next book will be even more intense and WTF-filled.



“If you have given up your heart for the Tower, Roland, you have already lost. A heartless creature is a beast. To be a beast is perhaps bearable, although the man who has become one will surely pay hell’s own price in the end, but what if you should gain your object?” (p. 265)

“Who’s gonna come through some magic door and save you, man? Do you know? I do. No one. You drew all you could draw.” (Eddie to Roland, p.461)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory.


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