Sundown Rundown – February 2019

Hey there, bookworms!!

Though the sun is hiding behind the grey day lately, it is setting. We’re alsoo at the end of the shortest month of the year: February.

This is the Sundown Rundown. You’ll find everything I’ve read and reviewed this month. This is a great opportunity to check out any reviews you might’ve missed while also checking out the new ratings I’ve been doing!

I hope you’ve all had a great month, and cheers to March!



Scarlet Reader
Amazon | V. C. Andrews

Secret Brother

Author: V. C. Andrews

After losing her little brother, a girl gains another, thanks to her grandfather bringing home a young boy with amnesia. She’ll do whatever it takes to get him to remember his past and get him out of her life before he replaces her brother completely down to his name.


Scarlet Reader

All the Little Lights

Author: Jamie Maguire

Elliot loves Catherine and he’ll do anything for her. They met one summer, but when he leaves without a word, she swears she’ll never forgive him. When he returns, he’ll do whatever it takes to earn her forgiveness.


M or F - Goodreads

M or F?

Author: Lisa Papademetriou & Chris Tebbetts

Girl likes boy. Girl gets gay best friend to talk to boy online for her. Gay best starts to think boy might actually like him and not her. Trouble!


Scarlet Reader

The Gunslinger

Author: Stephen King

The gunslinger is on the trail of the man in black who has all of the secrets to get to the Dark Tower, the mission. What will he sacrifice to get there?


Game of Thrones - Scarlet Reader

Game of Thrones

Author: George R. R. Martin

The Iron Throne is threatened when the Hand of the King is killed. Now the Seven Kingdoms is thrown into toil as grabs for the throne is made and secrets are revealed that could destroy families and kingdoms. But, what may actually bring the downfall of this land lay beyond an icy wall.


Scarlet Reader
Scarlet Reader


Author: Elizabeth Chandler

It’s been a year since her boyfriend, Tristan died. Ivy has moved on and is doing better and hopes is afterlife is going well too. But, then she died and Tristan must protect her from whatever is after her.


Favorite Book: Game of Thrones was so good even after having seen the show so many times! I really enjoyed it, was completely enthralled and look forward to reading the rest of the novels!


Least Favorite Book: Evercrossed was a wreck; take the pun or leave it. I thought the Kissed By An Angel series would continue on with its wispy storytelling, with new material and such but it plummeted backwards and just disappointed me in the end.


So my goal didn’t pan out as I hoped thanks to the many issues I had this month (the explanation can be found on SP – Feb. 25th). BUT! March is coming and I’m so excited on what I have planned to read!


More to come soon…



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