Another Car Crash (Evercrossed – A Book Review)

Evercrossed (Kissed by An Angel #4)
Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Published: 2011

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Scarlet Reader
Scarlet Reader

My Rating: Full bolt Half bolt

Rated M for meeeeehhhhh, I thought we were moving on.


First love never dies.

A year has passed since Tristan has passed on after helping his true love, Ivy. A year since he died. While he’s moved on to the afterlife, Ivy has moved on with Will. The two of them plus Beth have taken summer jobs at a bed and breakfast in Cape Cod. They hope to take this summer and forget the horrific events that happened. Sip lemonade and relax down by the beach. Good times, right?

It was, until Ivy died in a car accident.

Tristan thought his work was done, but he brings her back and everything changes. After waking up in the hospital, all she can think about is what she’s lost. While there, she meets, Guy, someone who also survived a near death experience and suffers amnesia. Though, she begins to get close to him, her friends begin to worry that he’s not what he seems.

Ivy can’t help it. Her memories of the past reignite her heartache, but can love be enough to save her this time?


Kissed by an Angel

Kissed by an Angel

Review here


So I really liked the start of this. It was quite promising in fact. Ivy seemed happy. Will is a great guy that I kind of wish I had. Beth is still quirky cute. And new characters! I’m winning!


And then I got confused. See, I pay attention to detail and as one of those, I got stumped. Time seemed to leap a great deal, but not really. A year right? That’s what I was told. A year has passed for Ivy since everything. Now, Kissed by an Angel was released in 1998. When I read the three-in-one book, I didn’t get any feeling that cell phones were uber popular. Now, here, Evercrossed, technology has jumped pretty far that apps and GPS are common. My brain was beffuddled quite quickly and it took me out of the book a bit. The connection between the time jumps don’t connect because I don’t imagine technology jumped that fast.

cringe - giphy

I hate to say it, but that alone really deterred my interest in this story. Keeping aligned with the timeline is very important to me.

I didn’t admire that yet another car crash is what put everything in motion. It just made everything feel replayed and boring. I went through that during the first run around, let’s move forward!

I must say, Ivy’s mom wins the away for being the character I can’t stand the most this month too. The way she comes across really grossed me out. She wants to buy Ivy ‘pretty’ things? That’s actually how it’s phrased. ‘Pretty’, as if what her daughter wears isn’t. As if she doesn’t pay attention to anything her daughter wants. It disturbed me something fierce.

I wish this book brought something fresh. After the way that Kissed by an Angel ended, I figured it would now head into something new, more deadly, magical, and breath-taking. This just turned out to feel like the same old same.



I’m sorry. I couldn’t get into this. It was all over the place and it actually doesn’t line up enough with its predecessor. The transition was pretty non-existent as well. I thought it would continue on with something even more in depth on the magic of angels. This more came off as a massive pile-up on fire. I was incredibly sad.


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects.


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