Sundown Rundown – January 2019

Hello, my epic book nerds.

I hope January has given you a great start to 2019! If not, then I hope it gets good soon.

Get snuggled in real nice because it is REALLY cold outside. In the negatives. Or at least it is for me. However, the sunset is fiery orange and is making the snow sparkle. With that pretty visual, here’s what I reviewed this month. If you missed out on any, now is a great time to catch up.



Scarlet Reader - Shadow of the Moon

Shadow of the Moon

Author: Rebecca Moon

A werewolf investigating a secret club runs into a photographer doing the same? Their reason tie together as do their burning desires.


Scarlet Reader - The Sacrifice Box

The Sacrifice Box

Author: Martin Stewart

It’s the eighties. A group of kids make a sacrifice to a mysterious box and years later it comes back to haunt them after somebody breaks its rules. Who broke into the box? Can it be fixed before it’s too late?


Scarlet Reader - that's NOT what happened

That’s Not What Happened

Author: Kody Keplinger

The day of the shooting is still fresh in Lee’s mind three years later. She’s ready to try and move on and tell the true story of what happened that day. She also discovers the stories of the others who survived and even those who didn’t. But, what will she do when she has all of the stories?


Princess Diarist - goodreads

Princess Diarist

Author: Carrie Fisher

The story every Star Wars fan has been waiting for. The story from the princess and, rebel leader, herself. Every page is filled with Fisher’s own personal brand of wit, humor, and style.


Scarlet Reader - Traveling Vampire Show

The Traveling Vampire Show

Author: Richard Laymon

A hot summer day and three teenagers are determined to go see the traveling vampire show that just arrived in town. But after weird and frightening things keep happening to them, they’re not entirely sure they want to go. When they do, they wish they hadn’t.




Author: Alice Reeds

With no memory of how they crash-landed onto a mysterious island, Miles and Fiona work together to try to survive, but they’re not as alone as they think they are on the island. More so, it doesn’t want them to leave.


Favorite Book: Princess Diarist really skyrocketed to the top for me this month. I’m such a fan of Carrie Fisher and love her bluntness and honesty. Also, being a Star Wars fan, I couldn’t wait to finally read this! With actual blerbs and poetry from her journal from her times on the set of the great space adventure that the fans love.


Least Favorite Book: Shadow of the Moon made me really uncomfortable because it felt forced with no real flow. I didn’t like the characters either. I couldn’t feel any chemistry. Details were too lacking to pull me into the story. All in all, this book was just not for me. Everything rubbed me wrong about it.


I didn’t get to as many books as I was hoping, but I’m hoping to With January wrapped up, we now move on to February.


More to come soon…



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