Are There Polar Bears On This Island? (Echoes – A Book Review)

Author: Alice Reeds
Published: 2018

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My Rating: Full boltFull bolt

Rated: T for teen with mild themes that barely approach a teenager’s actual hormone level.


Trust no one.

Fear everything.

Fiona and Miles wake up on a deserted island with no memory of how they got there. These two high school enemies will have to work together to survive. As they move forward toward finding a way to escape the island, they discover that they’re not alone. There’s something out there and it doesn’t want them to leave.


Both intrigued by the blerb on the back of book and enticed by the cover, I plucked this book up, excited to read. Sadly, this book didn’t fully live up to my hopes.

It started out pretty good. I was dying to discover why Fiona and Miles were missing their memories and what the important reason for them being put on the island was. Miles was the rich kid with the credit card and no real survival skills while Fiona is graced with epic kickboxer skills that she’s extremely proud of, but also feels like it’s a burden. For those of you who have read this, I can’t be the only one who got some MAJOR Lost vibes.

Scarlet Reader

So I kept reading. But as I read I started to lose interest. After the reason for Fiona and Miles becoming enemies, but not really, was revealed I was left deadpanned. He’d called her pathetic. It wasn’t some shaming kind of name calling or even a physical altercation. He just called her pathetic. It seemed so much less than what she made it out to be. More so, I was getting major whiplash from her. It was like flipping a light switch really fast to create that strobe light effect. One second she was scared the next she was fiercely declaring how fearless she was. It really drew me away from the characters. Their chemistry felt forced and otherwise non-existent.

But I kept reading! I wanted to freaking know what was up because I was beginning to get a little lost! Their memories of everything that came right before their mysterious crash was bit by bit revealed. I give the book kudos for keeping me intrigued. However, the big Ta Da wasn’t so Ta Da.

Scarlet Reader

After the build-up and all, I felt let down a bit.

The world-building was very nice with the little sprinkles here and there, divulging the main plot. This was also a fast read, but I can’t say that it was because I was so engulfed in this book that I couldn’t get enough. It was just a fast read because the attention to detail was lagging. So, it was quick because there wasn’t much.



While I lost interest in the characters, I still wanted to know what happened. The characters made me cringe on and off as they spun me around in the chair of confusion. Now, this is my own personal review. This book just didn’t really garner my attention the way I hoped. For those of you who did enjoy it, I’m glad. Truly. I wish good books on every reader.



“We are going to die.” (Fiona, p. 1)

“Own your fear; don’t let them own you.” (Fiona, p. 73)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? Blurry by Puddle of Mud.


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