You’re Not You (The Darkest Star – A Book Review)

The Darkest Star (Origin #1)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: 2018

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Scarlet Reader - The Darkest Child

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In the world of the Lux

secrets thrive

lies shatter

and love is undeniable.

Evie Dasher knows the devastating consequences of war between humanity and the otherworldly Luxen. The world has been forever changed. Both humans and Luxen struggle to live in harmony. Fellow classmates are protesting Luxen. Luxen are disappearing everywhere. Laws are threatening to segregate them.

When Evie meets Luc at a club known for its partying with Luxen and humans, she decides she can’t stand him. He tells her he isn’t human, but isn’t Luxen either. Then her life is threatened by someone from his past? She discovers that he’s hiding something…about her? It doesn’t add up since he’d never met her before. Her mind is overloading with endless questions and her growing feelings for Luc leave her in a tailspin. The most complicated one yet: Who is she really?

Everyone seems to know but her.

This is a spin-off series from LUX. It’s not a series you have to read in order to understand this one, but I do HIGHLY recommend it because one, it’s really good, and two, there are throwbacks to it in the book. Many made me ridiculously giddy. There were character cameos that I was squealing like a moron about. So good to have a throwback.

Armentrout’s style and vocabulary is fun and spunky. I loved it! I also found it eerie like I did with her LUX series, because a little over ¾ of it is how I really speak. It was loco nuts. There were some lines I had to reread because I couldn’t believe words and phrases that I use every day were actually in this book. I’m sure many people are mind blown with an author that captures you like a Pokémon in a pokeball. It’s like meeting your book doppelgänger.

The book reflects on weirdness and that good ol’fashioned teenage drama and is clear and present and that’s always enticing.

Ink and Bone

Much like its predecessor, the story takes place in a smallish town with close-knit friends. One of the great things about this, is that if you’ve read LUX, you already have the lowdown on the thrifty-nifty abilities these luscious Luxen have as well as the abilities of the mysterious Origins. If not, it’s an awesome surprise. Everything is original and unique. I was pretty shocked as I got further and further into the book because I didn’t know what to expect. Diving back into the LUX universe was exactly what I hoped for. Fresh, yet reminiscent. Completely new, yet you know nothing’s truly changed in a kind of satisfying way. mindblown

I really enjoyed getting an in-depth look at a storyline I had always been curious about. Luc and his best friend. The struggle between species is at the forefront of themes as is revenge and identity crisis. Each are pretty big issues today, though a couple are more personal and others are worldwide. Each broke my heart in different ways. These themes broke into my emotions and really got them pouring out into the real world, especially Evie’s great struggle with everything she thought she knew. Truth bombshells hurt no matter what and figuring out that you’re not really you is a nuclear mushroom-cloud-sized one.

I got some odd looks and even the occasional, “Are you okay?” from people while reading. I get very into books.

Luc and Evie, the main characters, are such opposites, except that they aren’t. Armentrout playing around with that was so much fun. She’s paranoid, kind, and loyal. He’s sarcastic, bold, and determined. Both are extremely caring and have this undeniable magnetism toward each other. I enjoyed their banter, and especially loved when Evie would start talking to herself. She’s pretty funny. The tension between the two of them could vary and only from the reader’s POV honestly. It all depends on if you read LUX (so you probably should). If you have, you already know about EVERYTHING and therefore their chemistry is far more intense. And I biting my nails, waiting anxiously for that epic moment. If not however, it’s possible that they come off as overdramatic.

Scarlet Reader


I won’t say this story reached some deep level, thought-provoking spot with me. It didn’t. It touched on some real world issues that are important, sure. Rather, this brought some phenomenal entertainment and spectacular sci-fi and fantasy and adventure with a decent sized side of sweet and sour romance. That’s okay. Not every book has to propel me into super intense issues. I’ve once again been swept away into the LUX world and am quite okay with that. This was fresh and brand new. I really enjoyed this and look forward to rereading it in the future. I can’t WAIT to read the next installment!

Side Note: I’m still hoping a television show gets made for LUX.


“You just took creepy to a creeptastic level of unknown proportions.” (Evie to Luc, p. 33)

“Sometimes the truth is worse than the lie.” (Sylvia, p. 101)

“The world is your oyster and I’m your pearl.” (Luc to Evie, p. 136)

“Good people do terrible things when they believe in what they’re doing.” (Luc, p. 178)

“Sometimes the truth is hidden as a form of protection.” (Zoe, p. 335)

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