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Bookworms! My loves!

It is the midnight hour and if you’re awake like I am right not then you’re an insomniac. Just kidding! But, you do live the night owl life. Since you’re awake, this is what’s coming up this snowy month.

Mostly I’m just trying to keep it together. It’s getting busier by the day with Christmas coming up. People are getting crazier trying to accomplish their holiday lists. I don’t know about you guys, but I could live with only getting books for Christmas. Well, books and a new pair of earbuds since mine broke a week and half ago. I’m a woman that CAN’T live without music and so I’ve been in dreadful withdrawal without earbuds. Come on, Santa, send a pair my way. I’ve been a good girl this year…sort of.

Also, my brother who is in the Army just got home from his time overseas and he and his fam will be joining us for Christmas. I’m very excited. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen him. Thought it’ll be crowded, it’ll be a very happy Christmas.

Now for books! Here’s what I’ll be reading, what I am reading, and what’s up on the chopping block of reviews!!


Coming Soon…

Ghost_atniquity - LiveJournal


A Wild Swan
Author: Michael Cunningham
Scarlet Reader - A Wild Swan

I love delving into short stories and especially love trying out new books.


Shadow of the Moon
Author: Rebecca York

Scarlet Reader - Shadow of the Moon

A full moon. Werewolves? I’m not drooling. You’re drooling.


The Princess Diarist
Author: Carrie Fisher

Princess Diarist - goodreads

The late and great! I don’t read many nonfictions or memoirs but I LOVE Carrie Fisher.


The Time Keeper
Author: Mitch Albom

Scarlet Reader - Time Keeper

Another author I haven’t read from yet!






Something Strange and Deadly
Author: Susan Dennard

Scarlet Reader - Something Strange and Deadly


Kissed by an Angel
Author: Elizabeth Chandler

Kissed by an Angel


The Traveling Vampire Show
Author: Richard Laymon

Scarlet Reader - Traveling Vampire Show


Up For Review…

Up for Review


The Darkest Star
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Scarlet Reader - The Darkest Child


The Hobbit
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Scarlet Reader - The Hobbit


The Space Between
Author: Brenna Yovanoff

Space Between


Author: Stephanie Garber



So many good ones coming up for the end of the year and just in time to complete my New Year’s Resolution of reading from twenty-five authors I’ve never read from before, even though some of those review won’t be up until 2019. I’m still counting them as read. Geeeeez, I can’t believe it’s nearly 2019. Anywho, I’ll have a brand-new book blog New Year’s Resolution coming and I’m quite excited!!

Bring on December!


More to come soon…



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