Doing Some Wrong to Get It Right (Bold Tricks – A Book Review)

Bold Tricks (The Artists Trilogy #3)
Author: Karina Halle
Published: 2013

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Bold Tricks - Scarlet Reader

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The faster they live, the harder they fall…

They’re all in this together now and that could get them killed. Ellie Watt, raised by con artist parents and a con artist herself, she is teaming up, with two extremely dangerous men both obsessed and in love with her in order to get her family back from Travis. Her will is pressed to limits that she didn’t she didn’t even know she had.

The price for a normal life with the man she loves, Camden, is steep, and though heartache plagues her, she’s determined to put the pieces back together. In order to have that she’ll have to do some bad things.

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Everything hit its peak in this final installation of The Artists Trilogy. Ellie Watt finally figured one of the greatest secrets of her family: who her real father is. This discovery is one of my favorite parts of this series. It’s very real. Emotions ran high for all of the main characters. Ellie just wanted the love of her life back and her family. The peace of mind she also desperately seeks lays just on the horizon

The book reverts back to being in Ellie’s POV, which I like more. She’s feisty and full of heart and while it was interesting to look through Camden’s eyes, he’s too intense. He just made me feel super uneasy, but he is a hottie. Tattoos are NICE when done right and I could tell he had them right. So right *purrrr*. And, I totally believe that if there’s anyone that can handle that out-of-control man, it’s Ellie. That’s right, I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re perfect for each other.


The addition of new character, Derek, was fantastic. Having been in the military, he’s tough and understands the value of life. He brought a balance to this turmoil of good and bad for Ellie. Like, giving her a brother. He helped them, though like a bounty hunter, he expected payment. He never acted like the bad guy. I found that to be really intriguing.

While I admire the characters, I couldn’t get that with this story. This adrenaline rush of a story actually came across as an uncomfortable flip-flop. One minute, my eyes are bugging from my skull and my stomach is twisting, and the next, I feel like I’m left hanging awkwardly. In some cases the story came off repetitive as well. However, puns and sarcasm were on point.

Shrug II



I loved the characters. They made reading this trilogy worth it. The plot was an interesting one, filled with the great many shocks that I’d expect to see in a thriller movie. The corny bits were acceptable LOL. A great read for the weekend, but not that memorable for me sadly. I didn’t get much from it that I felt like talking intensely about it, and you’ve seen me get hyped about a book. It fell short of the ones before it.



“How could I ever explain that my body got what it needed at the time but my heart was fooled?” (Ellie, p. 39)

“Fuck my luck.” (Ellie, p. 124)


More to come soon…



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