Welcome to the Jungle (Arrow: A Generation of Vipers – A Book Review)

Arrow: A Generation of Vipers
Author: Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith
Published: 2017

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Green Arrow

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My name is Oliver Queen. I lived a life of privilege before I found myself trapped in a merciless jungle for five years. I learned to survive and returned to the real world. But until I help others survive too, I will remain in that jungle.

With Barry Allen still having trouble with his speedster powers and mysteriously blurring, Oliver Queen and his team are pulling out all the stops to help team Flash try and save the scarlet speedster. This means a rigorous training program and also going to an auction deep in Markovia with some of the world’s most dangerous people to bid on a machine that could open up a black hole and swallow everyone up.  With an old friend-become-enemy of Oliver’s and assassins and many other obstacles, Barry is barely hanging on and Oliver worries if he can actually save his friend.


This is part two of the crossover, the first book being The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen.  From rogues trying to pull one over on the Flash to a dangerous mission with a deadly auction, the story was a page turner. Like all crossovers with the Arrow/Flash universe, you get a taste of both of their worlds.

The conclusion of this amazing crossover goes from Central City to Star(ling) City, the home of Oliver Queen AKA the Arrow, the vigilante. From the upbeat to the broody, as I say. The tone-change wasn’t surprising, but enjoyable. It was a splendid switch-up that really shows how grave the situation with Barry is. And it does it from both men’s perspective, proving just how different and similar they are.

Arrow is well-known for its flashbacks and this book delivered. Much like the Flash’s book, there was a cameo that knocked me off my feet. If you love and miss Tommy Merlyn as much as me, then be excited! I was! I was overwhelmed. He was such a great character and I believe he left far too soon.

Tommy Merlyn

The focus on Oliver’s time on the island of Lian Yu was eye opening. Apart from the show, it’s more personal. In his mind, his thoughts, you realize it never leaves him. So, much like the novel before this one, it really got me hard just how much more in depth it is in the book versus the show. You really only get so much. You don’t truly get in their head, not like this. And this was so much more.

The story moved with time not on its side, though with Barry’s clock stopping and going it’s understandable. I really liked the fast pace of the story. It kept me engaged and biting at the bit. I couldn’t put this book down and I KNOW! I say that about quite a few books, but I mean it! I really love my DC heroes and these two—Green Arrow and Flash, so I can’t help but gush when they’re done so well. On paper and on the screen, they’re unbelievable.

I really do recommend this crossover duo. It’s entertaining and filled with nonstop action and humor with so much heart in its veins. From beginning to end, it was fun and left me feeling satisfied. I won’t say there’s a huge lesson and that this’ll go down in literary history, but it was wonderful in its show of family and friends. A great read.



“You know, communication is our friend. We talk a lot more in Central City than you guys in Star City.” (Barry to Oliver, p. 25)

“You may leave the jungle. But you will never leave the jungle.” (Yao Fei to Oliver, p. 188)

“If I had a nickel for every nut who tried to kill me, I could live in a castle.” (Felicity, p. 260)


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