Summer Reads – Fiction Edition

summer reads

Happy summer, booknerds!

Hope you are all doing well and that the weather is beautiful. I told you I had a few extra lists this month. I’ve done the YA list already – which you can find here. This is the Summer Read Fiction Edition. I wanted to pick up a variety to attract a variety of you lovely readers as well as pique some new interests.


Author: Madeline Miller


This NY Times bestseller brings to life a new and more in depth tale about the daughter of the Titan, Helios: Circe, and how she became one of the most powerful witches in history. That she isn’t as evil as she’s made out to be and just wants to protect those she cares about. With the power to transform rivals into beasts and more, she’ll go against the gods and humans. I’m a big lover of Greek mythology, so this one is definitely on my to-read list. This also comes from the same author who wrote The Song of Achilles.



The Outsider
Author: Stephen King


If you’ve got horror in your bones and love a good paranormal-y twist then pick this up. On the NY Times Bestseller list, this story circles around the murder of a kid. While the authorities are sure they know who it is, the coach of the kid’s little league team, he has an alibi, and a good one, plus more people turn up dead. But, the killer looked like him? How? Get addicted to this brand new story by the King-man.



Ready Player One
Author: Ernest Cline

Ready Player One

On and off the bestseller’s list, this action packed ride will have you hanging on. This is currently up on my reading queue and I can’t wait to read it. For gamers and anybody that loves clinging on to an adventure with a BIG endgame, read this. Exciting and fulfilling…so I hear. Also, a movie that’s recently come out this year.



Author: Christopher Moore


If you love noir, dicks (private dicks…damn it, detectives, people), and hella good comedy then this is for you. I love Christopher Moore and I was really excited to hear about this novel. Love at first sight, a UFO, a plane crash, and the kidnapping of Cheese after a scheme gone bad. Sammy Tiffin, the bartender of a hopping gin joint, has his work cut out for him.



Author: Sarah Tarkoff


Calling all dystopian lovers! Those who are good are graced with beauty while those who are considered bad suffer from disfigurement or death. When important information is stumbled upon battle breaks out and it becomes hard to distinguish the good from the evil.




These are only a couple spanning the many genres to choose from as well as a few of the most popular I’ve heard about.


More to come soon…


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