Summer Reads ~ YA Edition

summer reads

Hiya, precious bookworms!

If you’ve been noticing that I’ve been talking about summer reading and books that I save just for summer then you might’ve been expecting this list. Or, you were hoping for this.

Now, I usually only do one list of books a month so that I can keep it fresh, but being summer and all, I am going to be doing three. I’m very excited! I find these lists to be helpful because sometimes you just want a good book and have trouble deciding or have trouble thinking up one. Well, voila! Here we are.

I’m starting with YA because, if you couldn’t tell, I prefer YA over a lot of other genres, except for paranormal/fantasy. I live for the abnormal, sometimes angsty, sometimes moody-broody, first love and possibly never-ending love. It leaves me hopeful and inspired and in a world of awe and imagination. You know, the Willy Wonka spiel. Very close to that, and I LOVE it.

willy wonka

Now, enough of my rambling. Let’s look at books!


The Siren
Author: Kiera Cass

Siren- Adweek

I’ve done a review on this already. For those who love mermaids, the ocean, and a fairytale-esque storyline, this is a splendid read. Saved from death, Kahlen owes a debt to the Ocean and serves it as a siren. She’s not allowed to connect with the human world. Then she meets Akinli, sweet and thoughtful Akinli. At the risk of incurring the Ocean’s wrath, she must know him.



Author: Stephanie Garber


This one looks like so much fun, AND its sequel just came out.

Scarlet Dragna has never left the tiny island where she lives. Even though an arranged marriage lies on the horizon, she’s always dreamt of seeing Caraval—the once-a-year performance where the audience participates. When her sister Tella is kidnapped and put into the show, Scarlet must participate. To win, she must find Tella first or else she’ll disappear forever.



Author: Amanda Hocking

Freeks - Goodreads

This is another one I’ve read and can recommend.

Mara has lived her whole life in Gideon’s Traveling Carnival, going from town to town with her mom, the fortune teller.  She really just wants an ordinary life without people who have freaky premonitions or who can levitate. When they stop in the town of Caudry, she gets her chance. But this town has its own magical mysteriousness and she along with Gabe, the boy she met start searching for the thing that’s attacking her people before it’s too late and everybody is dead.



The Hazel Wood
Author: Melissa Albert

Hazel Wood

Alice and her mother have spent most of their lives on the road, but when Alice’s grandmother, a reclusive author of a cult classic book of fairy tales, dies on her estate the Hazel Wood, Alice and her mother come to stay. Then Alice discovers just how bad her luck can be. Her mother is kidnapped by something supernatural that’s from the place in her grandmother’s book and she’s warned to stay out of the Hazel Wood. Teaming up with fanboy of the book, Ellery, they set out to rescue her mother, venturing into the Hazel Wood to do so.



Children of Blood and Bone
Author: Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone


Just came out a few weeks ago; I got a copy and can’t wait to read it! It’s pretty far out of my usual reading zone. Magic and rebellion. Such a sweet combination.

Orisha used to hum with magic. Burners ignited flames. Tiders beckoned waves. Reapers summoned forth souls. Zelie Adebola remembers all of this, but all of it disappeared into the night as a king ordered that all of the maji were to be killed, leaving Zelie without her mother. With a rogue princess, Zelie has a chance to get magic back and hopefully before it’s gone for good. With many dangers lurking about and standing in her way, she may be the biggest danger of all as she struggles with her not only her powers, but her feelings towards an enemy.




In addition to a few books to read this summer, I also have a couple series!


Night World
Author: L. J. Smith

Night World

If you love The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, read this other series by the same author that came up with the swoon worthy shows. Each story explores the supernatural world and how it must remain a secret. Though, when the myth of soulmates becomes real that may be a problem. Follow many characters and their stories and the tribulations they go through upon discovering their soulmate and the troubles that follow. Dangerous paranormals and breathtaking love that’ll have you melting.



The Arcana Chronicles
Author: Kresley Cole

Arcana Chronicles

I can’t recommend this series enough! I think I may reread it this summer as I wait for the new one to be released. Evie Greene led an ordinary, teenage life. She was a cheerleader and dating the most popular boy. Was. After the Flash, the world is a decimated place. Scorched and a wasteland. If she hopes to survive it, she’ll have to rely on Jackson Deavaeux. There’s more at play than just the end of the world though. Tarot cards—and yes, they’re real—have risen up for the great battle and Evie’s caught in the middle. Dark mysticism and riveting action and magnetic chemistry that’ll make you spin.



And there we go, loves! Books and books and books! Happy reading and be good.


More to come soon…



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