Midnight Tease

Midnight Tease - Giphy

Howdy, my awesome booknerds!

What are you doing up this late! Don’t you know it’s past your bedtime? Go to bed! Kidding!

But, you know what you can do? Read this Midnight Tease to see what’s coming up on my blog this month. Why? Well, it’s not like you’re sleeping right now, though if you’re like me, you know you should be. LOL.

I can’t believe it’s June. It makes me completely giddy. So much sun and more sun and some humidity on the side with even more sun. Just let me be a starfish. Grab a book and lay out in the sun.

I’m super excited about the books coming up! And I just realized that I say that almost every month. But I really mean it this time. I have a couple of new releases up this month. And some Lemony Snicket.

Without further ado, this is the Midnight Tease…


Coming Soon…

Ghost_atniquity - LiveJournal


Lives of the Mayfair Witches
  • The Witching Hour
  • Lasher
Author: Anne Rice

Witching Hour                    Lasher


Author: Dean Koontz



How to Hang a Witch
Author: Adriana Mather

How to Hang A Witch


Wicked Lovely
Author: Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely


Children of Blood and Bone
Author: Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone


The Apollo Trials: The Burning Maze
Author: Rick Riordan

Burning Maze



Unbreakable yes


From the Earth to the Moon & Around the Moon
Author: Jules Verne

From the Earth to the Moon

This book is super dense. Don’t judge me. 😉


The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen & The Green Arrow: A Generation of Vipers
Author: Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith

Flash Arrow


The Witching Hour
Author:Anne Rice
Witching Hour



Up for Review…

Up for Review


All the Wrong Questions 1-4
Author: Lemony Snicket



Summer of Fear
Author: Lois Duncan

Summer of Fear - SR


The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen
Author: Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith

The Flash



I’m also reading American Gods Vol. 1 of the graphic novel by Dark Horse. Letting out the sqeeeee!




That’s it, loves. The whole kit and caboodle. Hope the start of your summer is sunny and happy. I’ve had one hell of a thunderstorm and it was just beautiful. I have a strong attraction to lightning. It’s one of the most extraordinary part of nature. And if you’re asking, yes, I’d love to get struck one day. No, I’m not crazy. No, I don’t need therapy. It would just be terrifyingly amazing.

More to come soon…



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