Words Burning Your Soul (Paper and Fire – A Book Review)

Paper and Fire (The Great Library #2)
Author: Rachel Caine
Published: 2016

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Paper and Fire

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Let the world burn.

Jess Brightwell survived training that allowed him to join the sinister, yet seductive world of the Great Library. Still, the lives of him and his friends have been changed forever after losing a few of their friends along the way. Now serving in the Library’s army, the life Jess envisioned isn’t what he thought. Exhausting and still dangerous.

After discovering that one of their friends may not actually be dead, Jess gathers his friends together for a rescue mission. It’s not long before the group is being hunted by the Library’s automata and flee Alexandria to London.

London isn’t safe anymore either as it is on the verge of being taken over by the Welsh. As it burns, Jess will have to choose between family and friends. His mission or his duty. After so much sacrifice already, this may be one of the hardest decisions of his life while the Library will sacrifice anything to keep its secrets…

Ink and Bone

Ink and Bonehere

Let’s queue up the excited rambling and uncontainable squeeeing about this book! The danger and adventure has only gotten more intense, amazing, and stunning! I’m in awe of this non-stop action. These characters just keep punching me in the heart.

Where to start…AH! I really loved seeing how far these characters have come. Jess, Thomas, Glain. Khalila, Dario, and Morgan have just sprouted into phenomenal people. While time has passed they show such strong teamwork and faith in one another. I’m completely swept away. There’s no doubt or second guessing. It’s all for one and one for all!

Everything has changed! School is out and they’re officially in the Library’s hands. After everything that’s already happened: the losses and tribulations, I was a bouncing ball of distress.The shocking twists spun me and shook me, especially the ending! Gotta love when a book can do that to you. The group only delves deeper into trouble, but I love it because they’re doing it for their friend, Thomas. By the way, I’m beyond ecstatic that he’s alive. I had a panic attack there for a second.

I'm fine

And there’s a bonus! More Brendan! Jess’s twin. Which I was totally hoping for. There was nothing more than a glimpse of him in Ink and Bone. I was so intrigued by his character and yearning to really how different the two were. And it was great to get to know Jess more through him. More so—and secretly—I really ship him with Glain, the bombastic Welsh girl that takes no crap. They’re both incredibly spunky and rough.

shipping it

Like I said, amazing development. All the way around from people to places to events. It’s all skyrocketed, proving that the first book is all jus the tip of the iceberg. These guys aren’t the same as they were at the start of all this. They hold no regrets as they’re plunging into dangers unknown for each other. The Library seeking to destroy them before they complete their mission to save Thomas truly makes their bonds unbreakable. Even for Jess and Dario who ‘hate’ each other are tight. It’s that faith in humanity that can really pull me into a book.

The emotions of these characters whiplashed me. Blood rushing and breath holding, I was a bit of a wreck because Jess was a wreck! Jess needs to stop being a wreck! Seriously. Ow, my heart!

I didn’t mention it before, I’m also incredibly in love with how diverse Rachel has made these characters. Their cultures and faiths. They all come from somewhere far away, yet come together as family. It’s left me in utter awe of how what makes them different doesn’t cause any rifts. If only the real world was like this! Working together and finding friendship.

While there is so much danger and I’m left constantly thinking somebody is going to die, which let me tell you, could be anyone because Rachel does not hold back on that. Nobody is safe. ANYWAY, while there is danger, there’s a deeper look at automata. They’re super cool machines, though completely deadly. So sleek and life-like that you could barely tell that they’re machines that want to rip your throat out. They act as weapons and supposedly protectors, but their inner workings are explored more and it was so exciting.

Well, I warned you. Excitable, excessive rambling.

I can’t find a single part of this book that left me disappointed. Not a one. Each page was full and spectacular and vividly detailed. There was so much and I couldn’t get enough. Such a success. Smart and engaging and ON FIRE! Definitely recommended by moi.


“They tell me suffering builds character.” (Jess to Khalila, p. 74)

“We’re just paper on a shelf, in the end.” (Jess, p. 82)

“You’ve gone soft here in the heart of luxury. You’ve forgotten that everything has a cost.” (Brendan to Jess, p. 124)

“I’ve never been through what you have, but I’ve been in the dark a few times. Sometimes the light’s just too bright.” (Jess to Thomas, p. 238)

“Taking someone’s will, someone’s freedom…it kills the heart and then the soul.” (Thomas to Jess, p. 285)

More to come soon…


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