So Much For Normal… (Paranormalcy – A Book Review)

Author: Kiersten White
Published: 2010

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I see things you can’t see.

I find things that hunt you.

I am your protector.

But even I can’t protect you now.

Evie works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA) and her job is to bag and tag paranormals so that they don’t hurt humans. Easy enough. She’s been doing it since her time in the foster system. Her norm is being friends with a mermaid and having a faerie ex-boyfriend.

Life gets a little complicated after capturing an unknown shapeshifter named Lend while paranormals begin turning up dead. Thought told to ignore this case, she is determined to figure out what’s happening, especially since she’s having strange dreams. With Lend’s help she will find the one responsible for this, but what scares her is that she’s connected to it all.


So much diversity. YAY! There were so many different supernaturals across this book. Each of them were unique and incredible. There were even a couple I’d not heard of. One of my favorites things about this book was how the supernaturals didn’t feel like monsters, like they tend to in other supernatural novels. They were just like humans, trying to survive life. In some cases, it was really funny.

One thing I will say is, there is a decent amount of mention about the world’s elements that supernaturals belong to, but I wish I knew more about them. I wanted to know more about these elements and which supernaturals belonged to which.

Evie is whimsical and really reminds me of Elle Woods. Her and the trusty taser: Tasey were hard at work bringing in those feisty supernaturals. She really brings out the soap opera aspect of this book. She’s the butter of seeking the normal life. I was giggling at how ecstatic she was over the simple things, but only because there are a few simple things that get my eyes glittering, too.

Evie, Lend, and Reth—an unknown, shapeshifter, and a faerie. One intriguing and whimsical triangle. Evie’s romantic life is complicated and it shouldn’t be as a teenager. While getting stalked by her ex, Reth, she’s falling for Lend, one of her bag-and-tags. Lend is my favorite. I admire a sense of authority, like Reth has, that you can screw with, but Lend was a sweetheart unlike him. He’s manipulative and reckless with Evie. Freaking faeries…so damn mischievous! And granted, Lend’s guarded, but his heart is in the right place, caring for Evie. He’s the good guy and after all of the tough times that Evie’s been through, she deserves a good guy that treats her right, like this guy…


or this guy…



This book wasn’t all that for me. It was fun, but in regard to the story itself, I just wasn’t that interested. While I enjoyed the strive Evie had for a normal life, I didn’t get a strong feel for her emotions. Teens are whiney boogers, but they do have feelings and I just wasn’t getting those. There were a lot of areas that just didn’t feel quite finished. Again, this was fun, so don’t count that out, and there was a bit of tension. The plot twist wasn’t much of a twist, but I did think it was pretty cool! It just didn’t move me.



“Eyes like streams of melting snow…Cold with the things she doesn’t know.” (Evie to Lend, p. 109)

“What a lovely balance. Lend shows whatever he was the world to see and you see through whatever the world wants to show you.” (Cresseda to Evie, p. 215)


more to come soon…



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