Sing a Deadly Little Song For Me (Tidal – A Book Review)

Tidal (Watersong #3)
Author: Amanda Hocking
Published: 2013


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

The answers Gemma and her friends have been searching for are finally revealed—but evil is closing in and time is running out…

Gemma and Harper Fisher are struggling with a life or death problem. Gemma has been cursed with dangerous abilities and enchanting beauty. She’s a siren. Turned by Penn, Lexi, and Thea, Gemma must be careful not accidentally harm others with her deadly song while she and Harper figure out how to end this curse. They’re not alone though. With friends and family on their side they may just get her out of this. Time, however, isn’t on her side. The other sirens are looking to end her curse as well, by finding a new potential siren sister and when they do, Gemma dies.

These Fisher sisters delve deeper into the world of myth and magic of these immortal women, discovering more than they ever imagined while determined to make sure that doesn’t happen.

I haven’t read the previous two books of the Watersong series, but it doesn’t feel entirely necessary. Like picking up the next season of a TV show, you get a decent recap. It doesn’t give everything away, but you get a pretty good gist. I really liked that about this book.

More so? I LOVE SIRENS. They’re dark and mysterious and seriously dangerous. In every story they look different. My favorite version is from the animated movie: Sinbad. They’re so dark and relentless and lack remorse…usually.


I must say though, I don’t believe that mermaid and sirens are the same thing. Lately, I’ve noticed them being called the same thing. They can both be pretty nasty, but their mythologies and physicalities can be pretty different.

The book follows the s third person POV and switches between characters giving an all-around look at this world. The setting is a beautiful seaside town which brings so much wonderful imagery to life. The town was truly beautiful. It was like I was there. I love when a book can really get me attached and I was. And the transitions from person to person was so smooth that I was amazed and star dazzled. I know I on occasion when I write that I worry if switching between characters becomes confusing, but Hocking just proved to me that it’s possible and that is so COOL.


The connection that these characters have is so deep. There were many characters and all of them were interwoven. There’s Harper and her boyfriend Daniel. That man is having his own trouble fending off the siren, Penn. Then there’s Gemma’s ex-boyfriend Alex who can’t recall why he is so angry and a repulsed by her. And, I do feel so sorry for the baby boy. He is in so much pain and it wracked me with a bit of pain. Meanwhile, Thea is hoping that Gemma will accept being a siren and Lexi just wants to eat her, but we all know somebody like that, don’t we? So many people and yet it’s all balanced beautifully. And don’t worry, I’ve given away no spoilers.

I really enjoyed this book. I will certainly be putting the others on my list to read. I was enamored by the flashbacks and mythologies and how much these characters truly cared for one another. So many great combinations that just reel me in.


“You’d be surprised by the things a person can forgive themselves for.” (Gemma to Kirby, p. 4)

“All the places blur together eventually. Even the beauty of the ocean, eventually it becomes…redundant. It’s not here so much as now that I want to stay in.” (Thea to Gemma, p. 73)

“Mortality is a blessing and a curse, too.” (Lydia to Gemma, p. 222)

More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Into the Ocean by Blue October.

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