Midnight Tease

Midnight Tease - Giphy

My bookclan! Good to see you! I mean good to…no, not that either. It’s great of you to visit. I love it when you visit. That’s better.

It’s midnight and this is the Midnight Tease because I never sleep. Just kidding. I sleep….sort of.

I hope the holiday was good and the spring rains are upon you. It’s April!!!! That means flowers and birds and crazy squirrels dive-bombing the ground. (Is that only me who ever sees that?)


Currently, Star Wars: Empire Strikes back is on TV and I’m chowing down on a Nerd Rope. Why not. Jules Verne is waiting on me so at some point I need to get on with that adventure. I’m in a volcano at the moment and traveling to the center of the earth.

I have a lot of reading coming up, some reviews too. Here, I have the list of what is going on this month so that you know what’s coming up and who knows, you may pick up one of these too, or you might’ve already read them.

Also, to keep up with my New Year’s resolution, I’ve got 6 out of 25 authors I’ve read from so far. Many more to go.

So with that said I have a question. Would you guys be interested in a book tag? It would be short, monthly book tags.

As you know, I leave a song at the end of every book review because as much of a bookaholic as I am, I’m also a music junkie. Love listening to tunes. One of the best daydream inducers. Where I’m going with this is, I would put up a self-made book tag based on a certain song. The tag would be three or four books worth. What do you think? I would love feedback. That’s what’s going to encourage or put this idea to rest. I’d love to spruce up this blog with a little extra.


Coming soon…

Coming Soon


Thanks for the Trouble
Author: Thomas Wallach

Thanks for the Trouble


Author: Elana Johnson



From the Earth to the Moon & Around the Moon
Author: Jules Verne
From the Earth to the Moon


we all looked up
Author: Thomas Wallach
We All Looked Up


Author: Kiersten White



Flowers in the Attic
Petals on the Wind
If There be Thorns
Seeds of Yesterday
Author: V.C. Andrews

VC pt 1

If you’ve kept up with me then you might’ve read my reviews on The Mirror Sisters trilogy. If not then here they are:

The Mirror Sisters

Broken Glass

Shattered Memories

The Mirror Sisters comes from Andrews notes not the woman herself. I’ve been told and told and TOLD to read from the master herself and I’m finally getting to. Took me a little bit to get the whole set but get ready. Andrews is storming the blog. I’m very excited which then makes me a wee bit nervous because I don’t want this to suck. I really don’t I’ve heard how twisted this series gets and I saw the Lifetime movies. (And yes, I’m a sucker for them. They were pretty good in my opinion…for Lifetime anyway.) So I’m a bundle of different jittery emotions. And over books!







Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Author: Jules Verne


I’ve been telling myself to read a couple of Verne’s books and I’m glad I’m doing so. There’s such a different style what I’ve read.


Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Author: Jules Verne

20,000 Leagues


The Alchemy of Forever (an Incarnation novel)
Author: Avery Williams
Alchemy of Forever


Author: George Orwell

1984 - flavorwire

Halfway through pt. 2 right now.


Hellraiser: The Dark Watch
Author: Cliver Barker


I’m a super fan of Clive Barker and I had no clue that Hellraiser had a graphic novel! Two exciting things! I love this series and I’m very surprised it’s had such a downturn in its movie series. It’s such a classic. I believe it’s overdue for a rebirth. Pinhead deserves better.



Up for review…

Up for Review


Author: Amanda Hocking



Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Author: Jules Verne


Alchemey of Forever (an Incarnation novel)
Author: Avery Williams
Alchemy of Forever
Author: George Orwell
1984 - flavorwire


So there we go! Lots happening.

I just want to take a moment and say thank you to all of you fantastic book nerds and others! I’ve reached 100 followers and I know, that doesn’t seem like a lot, but it means quite a bit to me. I enjoy sharing what I read. I started this blog because I enjoy that. Well, that and because I think my mom was getting tired of me geeking out at her, and I was wondering why I wasn’t doing this sooner. So, thank you. I do my best to make this enjoyable and fun and something that gets people interested in all kinds of books.

I know I do older books along with newer releases. I’m always up for reading all kinds of books and want you to be as well. Though, I’m not going to lie, I LOVE Young Adult. Mysteries and Thrillers make me sleepy. Classics take me a lot longer to read. ARCs are always exciting because it’s like getting Christmas presents. But all books are worth a shot.

books on me

All in all, what I’m saying is, I love you book nerds. Keep on page turning. And find me here whenever you’re looking for an adventure. I may be able to spitfire a book or two.


More to come soon…



Find me:




Don’t forget! Tell me what you think of me posting a monthly book tag! Any other thoughts? Tell me in the comments below.

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