I’m Going to Kill Whoever Moved My Stuff (There’s Someone Inside Your House – A Book Review)

There’s Somebody Inside Your House
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Published: 2017

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There's Someone Inside Your House

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Everywhere. They were everywhere. Those who had left them and those who had been left behind.

A year has passed since Makani Young has moved to Osbourne, Nebraska, a sleepy, corn filled town. Truly boring unless you hang out at Sonic. Still, her past—the reason for moving here to live with her grandma—still haunts her, though she’s got a group of great friends, and maybe-possibly-not really, she has Ollie, the boy she likes that might like her, but she’s still figuring that out.

Makani is shaken after a classmate is found, grisly murdered. The school buzzes with suspects, rumors, and theories about who could’ve killed them. Then suddenly, more murders follow, just as gruesome and disturbing as the last. Terror seizes the small town as the killer continues to elude the police. The town becomes restless and students wonder who’ll be next, but Makani may already know…

Secrets are abound! Makani Young is terrified, like every other student at her school, as her classmates are coming up dead and it’s nasty. In a small town it’s even more terrifying because everybody knows everybody, which means one thing. She knows the killer. Everyone does. But, who is it? That puts everybody on edge even more. People are dropping dead and she’s wondering if it’s because these victims had something to hide. If it’s true, does the killer know what she’s hiding? What she can’t even share with her close friends? The reason why her parents barely talk to her, and why they sent her to live with her grandmother?

So many questions!

(And, nope. I can’t tell you the big secret(s). I try not to be spoilery.)

Perkins brought back the horror slasher with one fell swoop aka this book and I was absolutely thrilled. Thrilled is an understatement. My brain squeaked and then that squeak left my lips as a squeal. I’m a major fan of Scream, I Know What You Did LastSummer, Psycho, and many others I could list off. I’m a fan of the slasher genre. It’s its own special brand of horror. In some cases, it encapsulates gore and in others it’s about the body count.

That being said, slashers ≠ mystery. It’s true! With a mystery, it’s all about finding out who killed people after all is said and done already. With the slasher, the killing is still happening and your characters are worried that they may be next on the chopping block. The fog of fear is still hanging over all of the characters as they try to survive the murderous rampage as they work to discover who the killer is. And maybe it’s just me, but discovering the killer in a slasher is much more shocking.

There's Someone Inside Your House

Moving on! Makani Young was such an interesting character. While she was holding onto a part of her old life albeit and terrible part, she wasn’t dramatic or overstated. She leads a rather ordinary life with the exception of Oliver-Ollie-Larsson. I really liked that because it made the story so much more realistic. That, and how small and boring and corn-fed Osbourne, Nebraska is. The town represents so many towns across America! They’re small, sleepy, some don’t even do that well. They’re just crap-town, America. I live in one of these right now. The realism of both the characters and the town the story was set in was fantastic.

There's someone Inside Your House

Just as there was so much darkness in this book, I mean it is a horror, but there was also a lot of humor. So many references and well-put jokes really lightened the story at the right times. It was so natural. So was the awkwardness of trying to figure out feelings. Makani does a lot of that and it’s completely typical. She doesn’t spend the whole book pining for Ollie. Everything gets settles pretty quickly, but she does try to navigate this new territory. I really liked that it wasn’t the main point of attraction.

Speaking of, this serial killer is whack! Loco. PSYCHOTIC. I can’t say it enough. I was totally creeped out! BUT! I really liked how Perkins jumped POVs. Done from third person, there were multiple characters that were followed. I got to see how this killer worked and what he did. Also got to be there for the victims’ last moments which really got my heart pounding.

There's Someone Inside Your House

Do I recommend this book? Heck, yes I do! I even got myself a signed copy (extra squee).

There's Someone Inside Your House

It was intense, dark, funny, and splendidly realistic. The writing was incredible. Perkins really did great with each individual character and captured just enough gore. That tense feeling when you hold your breath and your chest tightens is so different than when your waiting for your favorite characters to finally kiss. The surprises here are eye-popping and deadly.


“Girls often had secrets.” (Makani, p. 13)

“Hello, paranoia, my old friend.” (Makani, p. 39)

“A real dead body looked different from the ones on television or in the movies. There was nothing artful about it. Nothing positioned. Haley’s body looked lifeless—but not like life had been taken away from it. Like it had never had life.” (Makani, p. 103)

“Overnight, every student had become a potential target.” (Makani, p. 127)

More to come soon…


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