The Dream Job (Entrance – A Book Review)

Author: J J Sorell
Published: 2017


My Rating: Full boltFull bolt

Clarissa Moone is timid and shy and has a strong passion for art and the sixties. So when she gets a much coveted job for the bachelor, Mr. Aidan Thornhill who’s well-known for his charity and is an art enthusiast like herself, she’s ecstatic. A completely new wardrobe, personal cottage, and all the food you can eat along with flexible hours? Who doesn’t want this job! But, who is Mr. Thornhill? Everybody else has seemed to meet him except her.

However, she keeps running into a mysterious man around the estate. Feeling sparks every time they meet, she begins to wonder if it’s meant to be. Then she discovers that he’s Mr. Thornhill himself. Flames form from those sparks and, though she’s told she shouldn’t, she falls head over lust over love with her new boss. What could go wrong?

This book was given to me by the author via e-book in exchange for an honest review on my blog. So here we go.

This story started out so promising. I was super excited! This is a fairytale type of story for me. I mean come on! Girl falls in love with rich guy and the sex is great? Perfection. Clarissa gets the dream. She has the gorgeous body and gets her hot guy! As I kept reading though, this feeling dwindled. I don’t have any issues with the erotica genre. None whatsoever. I just didn’t get a lot out of this.

This book begins with a warning, which is incredibly thoughtful. There are readers who don’t prefer a lot of sex in their books, which is completely fine. As somebody who’s alright with it, I can say that I hoped for more. My toes didn’t curl and I didn’t get the warm shivers as I read. I didn’t get much of anything past utter intrigue. There was sadly no book-gasm.


The story didn’t appear very realistic to me. A lot of the setting of the estate and other places seemed too vague for me at times. There were moments that I felt were very interesting, but they were cut so short. There was a moment to linger in who Clarissa was and how she felt when it came to Aidan. I just didn’t get enough of a grasp for either. It wasn’t that is was fast paced, it was that it all felt rushed.

I struggled with some of the details, too. I was shaking my head a lot because certain bits and pieces just didn’t make sense to me. For example, (and this isn’t that spoilery in regard to the story, but this is so you understand what I’m getting at,) Clarissa was gifted a company credit card so that she could purchase some clothes for her work wardrobe and later on a few ball gowns for upcoming events. Now ball gowns are expensive, plus there are shoes and jewelry to account for in addition to the dresses. Your average dress run approx. (and depending on the amount of fancy, which from how these events were described, is uber fancy) $2,000-$5,000. Then with shoes you’re looking at $200-$1,000. Then with jewelry you may be looking at least north of $150 possibly. The limit on her card? $10,000. Doesn’t make sense to me, especially with Aidan Thornhill being a billionaire. I would’ve expected a much larger card limit.  This is only one example and I’ve gone over it with a few people I know because I was utterly stumped and disenchanted.

WHAT - codigonuevo

The story came off repetitive and when that happens I tend to skip over parts. You’ve read it already, so why read it for a fifth time ten chapters later? I was really interested in the developing relationship between Aidan and Clarissa. When she and Aidan would interact it always felt the same every time nearly. They’d also repeat what the other person says and I didn’t understand why.

Ever read a story that throws you off because you can’t get a handle on the voice of the character? That happened for me here. There were times that Clarissa sounded like the up and coming young woman who was striking out on her own and then other times she came across as an eight year old girl. She’d switch between talking intensely about art and how she loved her new job and then she’d switch out and then she’d use words like tummy and yummy, coming off as baby-ish. It really threw me off trying to latch on to her voice and grasp onto what type of person she is.

The story itself was sweet and a dream. Everybody wants the perfect job and guy/girl and be able to make a good paycheck. They want everything Clarissa achieved. But it was just that. A dream to me because everything else around it didn’t really lift me up or stand out. I’m pretty sad about that. I felt deflated, which sucks because romances should yank you up into the fluffy clouds. I just had a really tough time with it. We didn’t click.

frowny face

I want to give this book so much love, but I just can’t get there. I know there are so many positive reviews on Goodreads about the book, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I couldn’t get attached. So I’m pretty sure I’m just one of those people who just didn’t get fulfilled here.

More to come soon…


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