Sundown Rundown – January, 2018

Good evening, book clan! It is the inbetween and the end of the month! Pardon my excitement.

I hope you all have had a good month! Mine has been pretty productive and very snowy. There have been a couple days that I couldn’t get to work actually, but I did get some great reading and writing in. So, not a total loss. I am counting down the days to warmer weather.

In December I said I was going to begin posting an end of the month round-up of everything I’ve read and here I am! True to my word. I found it tricky to figure out a fun and lovely way to post it. Then I thought about it. My favorite time of day is dusk. Twilight. The end of the day when the breeze is cool and the sun is on the horizon, painting the sky in splashes of orange, purple, blue, pink and so many other colors. It’s a moment when I’m wispy and daydreamy. The fireflies start blinking at each other and the wind smells like the trees. It’s when all the day’s stress drain from my body. Aaaaand I’ve totally distracted you. Sorry! Anyway, here we are. The Sundown Rundown. Where you can relax and catch up on what you might’ve missed this month on my blog. Hell, start a conversation at the bottom. Tell me about what you’ve read. What have you watch on TV this month? A favorite movie? Just kick back and relax. This is painless (hopefully) and short.

Over the month I’ve continued on with a series that I’ve been obsessed with, working a few classics, got updated on a recent series, and even got to read an ARC that was transformative for me.

And like I said, if you’ve missed a review or two then you can definitely catch up here.

Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixiereview here

Author: Kate Dicamillo

Certainly one the greatest flashback to my own childhood when I reread this one.


Draculareview here

Author: Bram Stoker

The one that started it all, Dracula. He’s no Spike or Edward, but the vampire still seduce the best of them and he’s unforgiving.

Girls in the Picture - Scarlet Reader

The Girls in the Picturereview here

Author: Melanie Benjamin

My love for film was magnified threefold when I read this historical story on two of Hollywood’s most magnificent women in film.

HIdden Oracle

The Hidden Oraclereview here

Author: Rick Riordan

The god, Apollo, having issues being human? I’m here for it! That way I can also make fun of him and watch him stumble around and complain.

Dark Prophecy

The Dark Prophecyreview here

Author: Rick Riordan

The adventure continues! And I’m surprised Apollo made it to the next book alive. LOL. Just kidding. I was deeply impressed with how far the god has come and I can’t wait for the third book.

Dead of Winter - SR

Dead of Winterreview here

Author: Kresley Cole

Continuing this gut-wrenching series. I’m so sucked in that I’m dismissing real like right now.  I may be a tad obsessed. Maybe. Can I hashtag #TeamJack? I’m hanging by a thread with this story.

Day Zero

Day Zeroreview here

Author: Kresley Cole

I really enjoyed the information this addition to The Arcana Chronicles. Really updates you on the deathly playing that all of the powerful characters are on. It was also tragic see how their lives were changed the night of the Flash, the great apocalypse.


Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydereview here

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

There’s nothing like a creepy stalker around town to stir up the neighbors and an experiment gone wrong to bring out the dark side of man.

The Thing About Jellyfish

the thing about jellyfishreview here

Author: Ali Benjamin

Want your heart to explode with too many feelings? READ THIS! It’s so sweet, sad, and will make you weep both happily and sadly. Such a great story.

So it’s been quite the productive month!

My favorite book this month was Dead of Winter hands down. It’s a part of The Arcana Chronicles series. I haven’t been so invested in a series in a very long time. When I start one of the books I’m not even in the world anymore. You can’t tell me that’s not one of the best feelings ever. It is. Admit it.

My least favorite book this month was Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It was a hard choice because I really enjoyed all of the reads, but if there’s one that fell short, even in the slightest, it’s this one. I love horror. I love a good classic, though it takes me longer to read one compared to other books. It didn’t strike me as much of a horror and I found it hard to keep track of the characters at some parts.

I also want to say thank you to everyone keeping up with me on here. I would love to hear from you. You’re fantastic and I’m glad you’re along for my adventures (AKA incessant rambling). I know I’m really excitable about books, but I’m also honest. Sometimes they’re amazing and abduct me from the planet, like a UFO other times they slowly murder me, like the worst horror movie ever. LOL.

I ultimately enjoy that I can talk about books as well as get some recommendations from you folks. Definitely keep up. It’s only the beginning of 2018. It may be the end of January, but here comes February.

More to come soon…


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