Ghosts Don’t Throw Rocks (Nancy Drew: Ghost Stories #2 – A Book Review)

Nancy Drew: Ghost Stories #2
Author: Carolyn Keene
Published: 1985

Nancy Drew 

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When I thought about creating a collection of ghost stories I knew that Nancy Drew would face her most intriguing challenge yet as a young detective. You see, Nancy doesn’t not believe in ghosts; but the many unexplained happenings in each mystery almost leader her to think otherwise.

-Carolyn Keene

A creepy vampire in a cave. A ghost haunting a hospital room. A witch that helps the dead talk to their living loved ones. Nancy Drew takes on cases that seem to defy the natural world. With her best friends’ Bess and George, they’ll solve some spooky mysteries. Will they be able to solve these terrifying cases or are they in over their heads?


This book includes:

-Vampire Cave

-Dark Crypt

-Geist of Meyer’s Mall

-Witches’ Brew

-Phantom of Room 513

-Forest of Fear


Yep, I read Nancy Drew. I found this book back on the $.10 shelf in my college library and every once in a while I digress to younger days. Plus, it said ghost stories and though I haven’t read Nancy Drew until now, I know one key fact about her. She doesn’t believe in anything supernatural.

Much like Scooby Doo, Nancy always finds the crook at the end of the mystery. I can’t help that I was so hopeful that there’d be that one mystery that she couldn’t explain, like Scooby Doo and Zombie Island. Even the gang had the occasional unexplained phenomenon. I won’t give away what the stories held because I might as well give them away and I don’t want to do that to you.

Scooby-Doo Classic and Modern

One particular thing had me irked as I read though. There were slight handed comments from characters about Nancy’s friends, Bess and George. They made my jaw drop and not for any kind of good reason. A few times, Bess’s weight had been rudely mentioned as if to say she was overweight or that she eats too much. I’m a woman who LOVES food. LOVES! And I don’t tolerate weight shaming. It’s so cruel. I was very surprised to read that and felt so terrible for Bess. Then a character in one of the short stories commented that George was such a weird name for a girl. My head cocked to the side and I squinted, rereading that segment with such dismay. I would’ve loved to see Nancy stick up for them, but she had been in on a couple of these moments.

What I can take away from all of this is that times have certainly changed and I’m glad.

Each story was quick and cute and the book was finished in a day. Keene was very articulate and made sure the reader knew exactly what was going on. Am I a mystery reader? Decidedly, no. The genre just isn’t for me. I enjoy a little mystery, but only when it’s entwined with another genre that I like. I think the only exception I ever made to the mystery genre was Veronica Mars and that’s because she’s so witty and sassy. The complicated lovefest between her and Logan Echolls is something to behold as well. It certainly does make the heart melt. I think I need to go re-binge the series.

Nancy Drew

If you’re a Nancy Drew fan than take a peek at this collection of short stories. It’s like getting a nice bookshot out of the classics section.


More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Try Everything by Shakira.

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