Hey there, Duffy. (The DUFF – A Book Review)

Author: Kody Keplinger
Published: 2010


Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.

Bianca Piper is tough, witty and carefree. Nothing bothers her, not until Wesley Rush,  high school’s golden flirt (and the one we’ve all crushed and swooned and melted over before even though we also wanted to punch him) labels her a DUFF. In one swift fling her soda soaks him, and their complicated, flirty-ship begins. While handling, or rather  denying and running away from her parents’ divorce which has threatened her dad’s sobriety and her unrequited love for Toby Tucker, she now is grappling with Wesley’s words. Could he be right about her? Her two best friends, Jessica and Casey were pretty hot, but did that make her the DUFF? Unable to let it go, her life begins to spiral out of control and Wesley tags along for the ride.


Bianca uses Wesley to further run away from her problems until she starts wondering…is he such a bad guy?


I remember the day I bought this book I wary because I’d seen the movie and I loved the movie. And so I didn’t read it until I felt okay enough that I wasn’t going to solely judge this book on the movie. That alone would ruin it for me. A SUPER rare thing happened though, after reading it. I LOVED both the movie AND the book!


They were amazing. Both of them are completely different, but it’s like they live in the same universe. If I could compare it I would say it’s like The Flash with its multiple earths. (If you haven’t seen the show or even read the comic books you have your work cut out for you.) Both Biancas shared problems of being a DUFF. And they both handled them differently. While the book Bianca tried to run away, the movie Bianca tried to change herself completely.

Now, I can’t tell you everything because that would be spoiler-y. But! What I can say is that I can relate to Bianca so very easily. We all can. It’s so easy to believe that we are not good enough. There’s always a small bit of insecurity. And you know what? That’s all-freaking-right.

This book was hilarious and lovable on so many levels. I think it’s a book that many up and coming of age teenagers should read, though, be warned there is a hint of sexual content. Bianca paves a path that many will be able to relate to such as family struggles or even having trouble getting out a single syllable to your crush. Upbeat and witty to my own heart, certainly pick up this book and do not put it down.




“…Wesley Rush doesn’t chase girls. They chase him.” (Wesley to Bianca, p. 28)


“Why couldn’t my life be a sitcom? Then again, even the Friends crowd had issues.” (Bianca, p. 78)


“I felt like my world was finally spinning out of control. And this time, I couldn’t deny it. I couldn’t ignore it. And I definitely couldn’t escape it.” (Bianca, p. 173)


More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray.

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