Hello, Starshine!


My name is Kat and welcome to my blog. While I haven’t posted about the books I’m currently reading just yet, I will do so soon, I promise. Here, I want to share with you about the books I’ve read and whether or not they do the trick to evoke that fuzzy feeling inside that makes you curl into a ball and sink even further into your happy place.  If you’re like me then you also bite your lip or pull at it with your fingers or even bite your cuticles. Maybe you do all three.

While I will be reading many current books, I also want to touch on those that aren’t because who knows? Maybe you haven’t read them and are curious. You know what they say about curiosity.

More to come soon…K

P.S. I may mention the occasional song that may be playing on my trusty iPod, Ares, at the moment. Currently, it’s If You Ever Come Back by The Script

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